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The Bilingual Montessori School of Saint-Cloud was founded by Anne BICKERT (1929-2006)

Anne BICKERT studied at College Sévigné in the 5th arrondisement of Paris, an establishment with new teaching methods very committed to the values of tolerance, freedom and secularism.  She was 14 years old when she saw her family leave for deportation.  From this ordeal, she draws profound humanism and a boundless will.

First a French teacher for foreigners at Sorbonne, she founded a language school in Saint-Cloud and then immediately after, in 1972, a Montessori kindergarten for the children of her foreign students.

In 1986, it opened a primary section: sharing many of the values of National Education (secularism and respect for differences), it nevertheless perceived the limits of the system (overloaded numbers, fixed methods and passive learning for children) and applied a different pedagogy which aims above all to develop the child’s autonomy

For the sake of independence, the Bilingual Montessori School of Saint Cloud has always ramained a private school outside of a contract and operates without any subsidy

Since 2006, the school has been run by David and Anne-Marie BICKERT, son and daughter-in-law of Anne BICKERT, who pursue her project with passion and constant concern for the full current and future development of the children.