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Shared Values

While the parents of our students come from diverse backgrounds, they share with us certain core values: a respect for the child as well as the child’s autonomy, a willingness to gently guide the child within a clear and secure environment, an openness towards the world and a respect for others.


A number of our students’ parents who either come from or have lived abroad have a strong desire for their children to maintain and/or develop their English language skills, in a world where this language is becoming more and more indispensable.

A number of our Francophone parents also desire a bilingual education for their children, having felt the increasing importance of English in their work or personal lives.

The Montessori Method

The parents of our pre-schoolers want the very best for their children and are eager to find out as much as they can about the educational approach we have adopted here at our school. Many have already heard about the Montessori Method and understand that it is particularly well-suited to the fulfillment of each child’s potential.

An Alternative School

More and more parents are becoming disillusioned with the traditional education system which, for them, does not allow the independence and personality of each child flourish. Many children who join us partway through their Primary years rediscover their love of learning at our school.

The Parents’ Role in Our School

The parents’ role does not disappear at the school entrance; on the contrary, our parents feel just as comfortable as their children once they step inside. Our teachers and administrators are happy to answer any questions you might have – their doors are always open. At the Pre-School, parents who wish to do so have the option of observing part of the school day. A number of meetings are scheduled over the course of the year to keep parents up-to-date. Finally, parents are invited to share in the many special occasions and festivities that are celebrated each year at the school (e.g., Halloween, our Christmas Market, and our End-of-Year Party).