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As a secular private institution, our school operates completely independently. Inspired by the work of Maria Montessori, one of the great educators of the 20th Century, we take a unique approach that is both open and adapted to the world of today. The idea of respect is at the heart of our school’s educational vision.

“Help me to do it myself”. This saying encapsulates the Montessori approach. It summarizes in several words our primary objective: Help the child build and develop his or her autonomy.

These preparatory classes (“cours préparatoire”) take place over two years (C.P.2 and C.P.). Here, students gain the basic skills and solid foundation that will serve them throughout their school years.

Through a fun and active approach grounded in an immersive environment, students are introduced to a way of thinking linked to self-expression, one that allows them to learn a new language without resorting to direct translation.

Our school operates on a full-day schedule Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, with a half day on Wednesday (morning). The last day of each trimester is reserved to allow the teaching team to meet, discuss, and plan together (i.e., no school for children on those days).