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A Secular Private School

Our school shares many values with France’s public schools: freedom, respect for diversity, and secularism.

At the same time, we diverge strongly in some of our methods and pedagogical approaches (e.g., small class sizes, active learning, a greater emphasis on English language learning).

For this reason, we have chosen to operate without government subsidies as an independent (“hors-contrat”) institution.

A School of Respect

The idea that adults should treat children with respect is one of Maria Montessori’s most important contributions. The teacher is not a “master” but rather a “guide” who leads the child towards independence and autonomy by respecting the child’s natural learning rhythm.

Fostering respect between a child and his classmates is another priority of our teaching team. As a social arena, our school offers children the keys to resolve their own conflicts through communication and discussion, without recourse to violence.

Finally, children learn to respect the rules laid out for them by adults, in a secure and structured environment. Using a “firm but fair” approach, teachers guide students towards an understanding of and appreciation for classroom rules.

A Montessori Pre-School, a “Montessori-Inspired” Primary Section

The Montessori Method was developed over a century ago in Italy and has gained traction all over the world, inspired by the writing and reflections of Maria Montessori. Every Montessori school is independent and can choose to become a member with various associations that carry on the tradition of Maria Montessori’s work.

We have chosen to belong to the Association Montessori de France (AMF) in our Pre-School Section, where we use materials developed by Maria Montessori and follow the traditional Montessori class structure of multi-age mixed groups.

In the Primary Section, we follow our own path, deeply inspired by the methods of Maria Montessori, but using our own materials and classroom structure.