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Saint-Cloud is a pleasant suburb, just west of Paris and well-served by public transport (train, bus, tram). The school is found on a quiet road near a number of other learning institutions, very close to the main park and public services (library, museum, conservatory, and sports field).


Originally made up of a set of small buildings scattered around a courtyard, the school is currently undergoing a complete transformation as part of a larger real estate project. The new premises will be ready in 2025. Since September 2022 and for the duration of the work, the school has been housed on two sites approximately 300 m apart: the nursery at 13 boulevard de la République and the primary at 18 rue Pasteur, in a spacious and comfortable premises. The schedules are adapted for the logistics of parents who have children in both sections. Returning in 2025 to its historic site at 5 rue de Garches, the school will integrate functional premises. It will be made up of seven classrooms spread out on either side of a large library. The whole school will open onto a large garden courtyard. Particular attention is paid to the quality of indoor air, with a dual-flow ventilation system which will provide optimal conditions for the well-being and concentration of the children.


Classes accommodate sixteen students on average. They are organized rationally, so as to develop both autonomy and joint work. In kindergarten, children work, most often in pairs, on small mats or at small tables. Montessori materials are freely accessible, on shelves adapted to their size. In primary school, children are seated at tables whose flexible layout encourages work in pairs or teams. They have some freedom to come and go in the classroom, use materials, pick up and put away their belongings, etc.